Homestead Exemption Valid in California

In California, homestead exemptions allow homeowners to protect a portion of the value of their primary property from certain creditors. This legal tool is especially useful when homeowners face difficult financial situations or legal proceedings. However, there are certain requirements that must be met for this exemption to be valid.

Homestead Exemption Registration Requirement

One of the key requirements to establish a valid homestead exemption in California is that the homestead declaration must be recorded. Simply declaring or considering a property your primary residence is not enough to ensure the protection offered by the exemption.

Creditor Liability for a Homeowner or Disabled Veteran Exemption

The California Code of Civil Procedure (Code of Civil Procedure, CCP 704.780(a)(1)) clarifies the relationship between homestead exemptions and other exemptions that may exist. The code states: “If the county tax assessor's records indicate that a current homeowner's exemption or disabled veterans' exemption exists for the home claimed by the judgment debtor or the judgment debtor's spouse, the judgment creditor has the burden of proof to that the home is not a homestead.

This aspect is critical as it puts the onus on the creditor to prove that a property does not qualify as a homestead if there are already records of specific exemptions, such as homeowner or disabled veteran exemptions.


The process of establishing a homestead exemption in California is an essential step in protecting the value of a homeowner's home against certain claims from creditors. Ensuring that the homestead declaration is properly recorded and understanding the responsibilities and rights provided by the CCP ensures that homeowners can take full advantage of this valuable legal tool.

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