The Delicate Task of Discussing Prices at the Real Estate Agent: A Case of Fiduciary Responsibility

As real estate agents, our fiduciary responsibility (fiduciary obligations) towards our clients is a fundamental principle that guides our actions. A critical aspect of this responsibility is how we handle pricing discussions with buyers, as the following case illustrates.

The Real Estate Agent and the Buyer

In this scenario, Joana, the real estate agent, is in the stage of obtaining purchase offers from a buyer. The seller, of course, has certain expectations as to the minimum price they would be willing to accept for their property. However, Joana's responsibility as a real estate agent is clear: she must act in the best interest of her client, whether the buyer or the seller.

The Delicacy of Price Discussions

Price discussions are particularly delicate in the real estate field. Whether the client is a buyer or a seller, Joana's loyalty as an agent lies in representing the best interests of that client. Therefore, Joana should not suggest to a potential buyer what price the seller would be willing to accept. This act could be seen as a conflict of interest and would violate your fiduciary responsibility.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Fiduciary responsibility implies that Joana must act ethically and loyally towards her client. For a seller, this means promoting the property and negotiating on your behalf to get the best possible price. For a buyer, this means searching for the best property at the best possible price. In both cases, integrity and impartiality are essential.


The real estate agent, like Joana in this case, must be extremely cautious when handling price discussions. Fiduciary responsibility towards the client is a guiding principle that should not be compromised. By acting with integrity and avoiding price gouging, real estate agents can maintain the trust of their clients and continue to effectively represent their best interests in the property buying or selling process. Loyalty and ethics are the cornerstones of a successful career in real estate.

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