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And to get you started, we have prepared a STEP-BY-STEP purchasing GUIDE of your first property: 

What we will do

A personalized and transparent service for buying a home in Los Angeles

Together, in the exciting search for the ideal property, we will work tirelessly to understand your needs and desires. We will use our local expertise in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles to explore the best neighborhoods and property options to suit your needs. We will guide you through every step of the process, from the initial search to the negotiation and closing. 

Our approach is to provide you with a personalized and transparent service. We will keep you informed at every stage and answer your questions promptly. With an unwavering commitment, we will make sure that your experience is successful and you feel safe and secure. in every decision we make together.

Steps to follow

In 3 simple steps: sending your financial data, formalizing and sending your preferences.


How will you buy your property?

  • Financing (I will only need your pre-approval letter from your lender)
  • In cash (I will need your bank statements)
  • Exchanging (exchanging one property for another I will need your title deed)


We will formalize our relationship

We will sign a contract that you will be able to cancel with a simple e-mail


Tell me your preferences for the property you are interested in


What is your commission?
Free of charge. For the buyer the service is ALWAYS free. The seller will pay a commission for helping you sell a property.

How will you help me as a Real Estate Agent?
As your Real Estate Agent, I will provide you with a complete and personalized service. From finding properties that suit your needs and preferences, to negotiating the best terms and guiding you through the entire buying process. My goal is to make your property buying experience smooth, successful and hassle-free. I will be by your side every step of the way, making sure you are informed and satisfied with your choice.

Where do I start if I don't know where I want to buy yet?

We will start by researching your preferences and needs, exploring neighborhoods and properties that fit your desires.

How do I determine my budget?

Together we will evaluate your financial capacity and establish a realistic budget so you can buy with confidence.

Why do I need to be pre-qualified for a mortgage?

Prequalification gives you a clear idea of your purchasing power and prepares you to make stronger offers.

Why is it important to work with a Real Estate Agent?

My experience and knowledge of the San Fernando Valley market will help you find the perfect home and navigate the process successfully.

How do I find the right housing?

We will work together to visit properties that match your criteria and I will provide you with valuable information about the neighborhood.

How do I make an offer?

I will assist you in creating a fair and competitive offer based on market research and current trends.

What happens after I make an offer?

Once your offer is accepted, we will coordinate the inspection of the property to ensure its quality and condition.

How do I choose the right loan?

I will help you select the mortgage loan that best suits your financial needs and long-term goals.

Why is a home appraisal important?

The appraisal ensures that you are paying a fair price for the property and is essential to the financing process.

What about legal documentation?

Although it can be overwhelming, I will guide you through the documentation necessary to become a homeowner of your new home.


Once you have signed the final documents and the purchase is complete, you will be the proud owner of your new home in the San Fernando Valley. We hope you enjoy your new home!

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