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These are some of the most frequently asked questions we are often asked

#CaTuLLC is a challenge dedicated to helping real estate entrepreneurs from around the world create a company that protects their assets through an American company, especially prepared for Spanish speakers. With your LLC company you will have access to the largest real estate ecosystem in the world and access to American banks. You can create a company and you can open a bank account in the United States with all the advantages that entails.

With the challenge you will have 5 days of educational videos to be clear about what it means to create an LLC in the State of New Mexico in the United States and always as a single-member. Once you have reached the fifth day, at the end of the closing party we will offer you the possibility of helping you form your LLC and we will refer you to a company that takes care of all the legal procedures, you will have a call to discuss the necessary documentation and doubts. Everything in Spanish!

Creating a company in the USA gives you access to possible tax benefits, flexible structure, protection of your assets, you may save taxes in your country of tax residence, access to American banks, and to tenants or buyers located in the United States and anywhere in the world. world with the guarantee that comes with having a company created there. You will make your clients who want to buy or rent real estate in the USA feel comfortable.

Creating an LLC is a great option for an investor in real estate or real estate. LLCs offer limited liability for owners, simple structure, and ease of management. LLCs have no shares, so you won't be able to issue shares or go public, but many fairly large companies are LLCs (Google, for example), so you can accomplish a lot with this structure.

It normally takes about 15 business days to register if you are not a resident of the United States. The process itself will take between 2 and 4 business days. We recommend that you check your inbox daily during this process to minimize the delay. 

With the #CreTuLLC challenge we only offer the registration of your LLC in the State of New Mexico. This State is business-friendly, efficient, low-cost, you will avoid submitting an annual return and they welcome businesses from foreign members. We do not want to let the entrepreneur choose to make his life easy and simple, why offer more options if this one works perfectly?

Since what we want is for you to start your business from the simplest point of view and we recommend that you not complicate things from the beginning, we only create LLCs with a single member, that is, you. We do not create LLCs with more partners. This does not mean that in the future you decide to increase the number of partners or even change the way you are taxed, since LLCs are flexible entities that can be transformed depending on how your business flows. 

Of course, always do it with the help of an expert accountant or legal advisor who can tell you the possible drawbacks or advantages that what has been said above may entail for your business. Keep in mind, for example, that if you have partners, the bank of the business's bank account must approve the potential partners' application. Don't do it without getting advice first. 

We would love to say yes, but citizens of Cuba (that would be Spanish speakers), Iran, Syria and North Korea cannot create an LLC in the United States. We are very sorry for our Cuban colleagues, we hope this list changes soon.

You will need to provide us with a copy of your passport. Nothing else.

In your profile we will upload the official documents that we receive from the State and the IRS. We will upload them to your profile and you will also receive them in your email.

You don't need to visit the United States to create your company there. We can do it remotely, you can do it with the bases that we give you in the #CreTuLLC challenge, having the key points clear and from the comfort of your home. We help you!

We simply present an educational service, we delegate to a third party. If you finish your 5 days of free sessions and then agree to have this third company do it for you, you must take into account the conditions that this company imposes on you.

In the challenge we give you the best advice to open it and we will leave you a tutorial so that once you have your LLC created and your EIN, you can follow it and open it in one of the banks that we recommend (Brex, Mercury or Wise).

Generally, if the members of a US company are non-US residents and the entity has no US-related income (see what this means in more detail), this company will have no US tax liability. although you must declare them. Simply selling products or services through your US company does not require you to pay taxes in the United States, even if you sell to US customers. Although we always recommend that you speak with a tax expert to analyze your individual situation. Each case is different and in this medium we talk about generalities with an educational purpose. If you have assets in the United States and make money there, you will need to speak with an accountant to file and possibly pay taxes in the United States.

Of course. American LLCs have a flexible system that works perfectly for companies with a global purpose. You live wherever you want, operate your LLC from wherever you want, file taxes (does not mean pay) each year in the United States and file taxes (and pay depending on the case and the tax system) each year in your country of tax residence. Simple, right? (with the particularities of each case, of course – always seek advice from an expert).

Yes, the immigration process can be much friendlier for O-1, EB-1, EB-2, and E-2 visas.

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