🌟 Hot Alert in North Hills! Turn Key House with Pool and Mega Space 🏊‍♂️✨

What's up, fans of good living? I bring you the gossip of the moment: Luxury Collective has just taken its most recent real estate pearl out of the oven in 15858 Osborne St, CA, 91343. And yes, it is exactly that lifestyle upgrade you were dreaming of, located in the coolest area of North Hills. Get ready, because this house has that “I don't know what” that will make you fall in love at first sight.

The video: LINK

Luxury Details You Can't Ignore:

  • Top Address: 15858 Osborne St, CA, 91343. Right there, in the heart of North Hills.
  • Plenty of Space: 4 bedrooms to get lost in, 2 bathrooms for your shower concerts, and 1,573 square feet of pure magic.
  • Giant Lot: 10,000 square feet, because more is more.
  • Bargain Price: $899,000. Yes, you read that right.
  • HOA: What's that? There isn't one here, friend.


Why Does Everyone Want to Live Here?

  • Envy Location: You're in the bullseye of North Hills, where everything cool is right around the corner.
  • Pool for Infinity and Beyond: Forget the heat with your own ode to summer. Memorable moments are guaranteed.
  • Design that Makes Swipe Right: Floors that shine brighter than your future and a kitchen that would make any chef cry with happiness, with Bosch gadgets that are the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Your Private Oasis: A patio and garden for those legendary parties or to find your inner Zen.
  • Green Inside and Out: With solar panels, this house is so eco-friendly that even the planet will thank you.
  • VIP parking: A driveway and garage that are every car's dream.

Live the California Dream in North Hills 🏡✨

Hey, friend! If you're looking for the perfect upgrade in Los Angeles, let me tell you about this hidden diamond in the North Hills that just hit the market: 15858 Osborne St. This little gem is not just a house; It's your next level in the game of life.

North Hills Vibe

Think about it: North Hills isn't just another neighborhood in the Valley; It is a cocktail of cultures, flavors and colors. Imagine walking through streets where each corner tells you a story, where each restaurant is a door to another country. We're talking al pastor tacos that rival those in Mexico, Vietnamese pho that transports you to Hanoi, and Italian pizzas that make you say “Mamma mia.” 🌮

But what about the people? Here, every greeting is an invitation to be part of something special. North Hills vibrates with events that make you feel at home, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Schools that Matter

For families, this is a jackpot. The schools here are ones that really care about the future of your little ones. We talk about innovative programs and teachers who know that teaching goes beyond books.

Green Spaces and Entertainment

Do you need to breathe fresh air? The North Hills parks are the perfect place to charge your batteries. Think about picnics with the family, walks with your dog, or just a moment of zen in the middle of the city. And when the sun sets, there is no shortage of options to enjoy: cinemas, bars, and everything you need for a great night out.


We're in LA, so you know getting around is key. From North Hills, you have the world at your feet. Quick access to highways, public transportation that works (yes, in LA we have that too), and the best of the city just a ride away.

🔑 And so, what's up with 15858 Osborne St?

Not only is this home in the heart of this amazing neighborhood, but it is also the turn key home of your dreams. Think about it: 4 bedrooms where each one tells a story, 2 bathrooms ready for your morning selfies, and that 10,000 sqft of lot that screams legendary pool parties and BBQs. Also, did I mention there is no HOA? That means more freedom to live your way.

And don't forget: wooden floors, kitchen with Bosch appliances, and those solar panels so you can feel good about being a friend of the planet.

💬 Spread the Word

So now you know, if you or someone you know is ready to take the leap, 15858 Osborne St is the place. Ready to make North Hills your new home? Send me a DM, and let's make it happen.

Live big, live North Hills. 🌟🏡 I leave you a CMA with comparable properties: link to CMA

Live the Californian Dream at 15858 Osborne St. This house is more than a place to live; It is your ticket to a standard of living that you deserve, full of luxury, comfort and green vibes.

Do you have a friend in house hunting mode? Be a good friend and spread the word.

Alber Moya, your Trusted Realtor DRE #02230789

Listed by the great: Joel Fajardo | Luxury Collective

Come on, don't just stand there. It's time to make a move towards your new dream life. Share this treasure with your friends and if you don't care, they might invite you to the opening party. 🎉🍾

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