Real Estate Branch Management: The Requirements for a Key Position

A crucial aspect in the management of real estate agencies is the administration of their branches or subsidiaries, and to ensure efficiency and professionalism in this area, there are specific regulations regarding the appointment of branch managers.

Raising the Bar: The Role of the Branch Manager

In the real estate field, a responsible broker has the power to appoint a real estate agent as a branch manager. However, it is not a decision that is taken lightly. There are well-defined criteria that must be met to ensure the necessary competence and experience in such a vital position.

Requirements for a Successful Designation

The main criterion established by law (BPC 10164 (d)) is that the salesperson agent must have at least two years of full-time experience in real estate within the last five years. This regulation ensures that the person in charge of a branch has the practical knowledge and vision necessary to make informed decisions and lead effectively.

It is essential to understand that by appointing a branch manager, supervisory duties are automatically delegated to him by the responsible broker. This delegation implies significant confidence in the skills and integrity of the appointed manager, further underlining the importance of sector experience.


In the real estate industry, every decision counts and can have a significant impact on a company's business and reputation. Therefore, ensuring that branches are led by professionals with proven experience is a priority that goes beyond a mere legal obligation. It is a strategic decision that protects and enhances the business, ensuring quality and trustworthy service to all clients.

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