California Privacy Clauses

Para ayudar a los consumidores de California a tomar decisiones fundadas sobre la privacidad y comparar las prácticas de las empresas, el estado ha creado un marco común para que las empresas hablen sobre la privacidad. Alberto Carlos Moya Guerrero utiliza ese marco para describir, en el caso de cada categoría de información personal e información personal confidencial según la legislación de California, si recopila esa información personal o información personal confidencial, o la divulga para un fin comercial. No vendemos ni divulgamos tu información personal, tal como se definen estos términos en la legislación de California. Tampoco usamos ni divulgamos información personal confidencial con ninguna finalidad que requiera a los usuarios ejercer el derecho de limitar conforme a la legislación de California.

  • Identifiers: We collect information that identifies you to provide you with the services you request. For example, we process your name, email address, and billing address to process transactions. Also, process your cell phone number to contact you. We disclose this information to service providers who process the information on its behalf to assist it in achieving a particular business objective in accordance with your instructions. In some cases, we may provide this information to third parties for the business purposes you request. Under California law, certain personal information in this category, such as social security number, driver's license, state identification card, or passport number, may be considered confidential.
  • Characteristics of classifications protected by federal or California law: Federal and California laws offer protection from discrimination if you belong to a protected class. Under California law, certain personal information in this category may be considered confidential. Protected classes include groups based on race, ethnic or national origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, genetic information, family status, and whether you have a disability. Likewise, while you can tell Apple that you are part of a Family Sharing family unit, Apple takes no steps to infer your actual family status based on your use of the feature.
  • Commercial information: We collect and keep a record of your transactions. Provide this information to service providers for their business purposes, such as to process transactions you have requested. It also shares certain business information with third parties, such as credit card companies, to process your transactions. Under California law, certain personal information in this category may be considered confidential. 
  • Sound, electronic, visual, thermal or olfactory information: We do not collect information about your senses.
  • Working Information: We collect any professional or employment information that you share with us or direct others to share or make available to us, such as institutions you have attended, any professional degrees or certifications, or union membership.
  • Education information: If you are a student or teacher and want to use an educational discount, we may collect information about your status to verify eligibility and maintain information about your affiliation with an educational institution.
  • Inferences from your personal information to create a profile about your preferences: If you choose to personalize services or communications when that option is available, we will use the information we collect to offer you those personalized services or communications. You can learn more about how relevant services use information to personalize your experience. To do this, please review the privacy information provided the first time you use a service in which you are asked for authorization to use your personal information. You can easily find this information thanks to the Data and privacy icon.
  • Personal information described in section 1798.80(e): La Ley de Privacidad del Consumidor de California exige que te informemos si recopilamos información personal que se describe en la sección 1798.80 (e) del Código Civil de California. En la sección del Código, se incluye una gran variedad de categorías de información personal, como el nombre, la información de contacto, las características físicas, la información de la tarjeta de crédito o de facturación, etc. Según la legislación de California, determinados datos personales de esta categoría, como la información financiera, la información de salud, la vida sexual, el número de seguro social, la licencia de conducir, la tarjeta de identificación estatal o el número de pasaporte, pueden considerarse confidenciales. Recopilamos información personal que se describe en la sección 1798.80 (e). Algunos de estos datos ya están descritos en las categorías anteriores. Para obtener una descripción completa de cómo Alberto Carlos Moya Guerrero recopila y maneja la información personal, te recomendamos que consultes nuestra Privacy Policy and privacy information provided when you first use a service in which you are asked for permission to use your personal information, indicated by the Data & Privacy icon.
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