Easement in Gross: Facilitating the Passage of Power Lines

Easements provide rights of way or use of another person's land, without the user obtaining legal ownership. One of the most common types of easements is the “easement in gross” or servitude in kind.

What is an “Easement in Gross”?

In simple terms, a “easement in gross"is an easement that grants rights to a specific entity or person, not to a property itself. This means that the easement holder has the right to use the land, but does not become the legal owner of it.

Practical example

A typical example of aeasement in gross" is when A utility company, such as an electric company, needs to establish power lines through private property. In this scenario, the easement is granted to the utility company to allow power lines to pass through the owner's land. This allows the utility to access and maintain its lines efficiently, without owning the property itself.

Importance of “Easements in Gross”

Easements in kind are tools key to ensuring that public infrastructure, such as power lines, can operate smoothly without incurring costly legal problems or the need to purchase land. It is important to understand how these easements work as they play a critical role in the efficient use of land and the provision of essential services.


In short, a “easement in gross” is an easement that grants rights of way or use to a specific entity or person, without giving them legal ownership of the land. These easements are common in situations where utility companies need access to private property to maintain essential infrastructure, such as power lines. Understanding these concepts is crucial in the world of real estate and modern infrastructure.

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