The “Lot and Block” Method in Real Estate

When it comes to identifying and describing land in real estate transactions, there is a widely used and effective method known as the “lot and block method.” This method is especially relevant in densely populated metropolitan areas, suburbs and residential areas.

What is the Lot and Block Method? 

He lot and block method is based on reference to numbers of lot and block that appear on maps or subdivision plats (subdivision plans). These maps detail the subdivision of land into urban and suburban areas. Each lot and block is identified with a specific number, making it easy to precisely locate a property.

Application in urban and suburban areas

This method is primarily used in areas where land subdivision is common, such as in densely populated metropolitan areas and their suburbs. Urban and suburban areas often experience significant real estate development, leading to the creation of multiple parcels of land. To avoid confusion and ensure an accurate description of the property, the lot and block method It becomes an essential tool.

Also Known Recorded Plat System 

He lot and block method It is sometimes known as the registered plan survey system. This is because the subdivision maps used in this approach are recorded documents maintained in public records, providing an official record of land subdivisions.

Advantages of the Lot and Block Method 

He lot and block method offers numerous advantages. It facilitates accurate location of properties, which is essential for buyers, sellers, real estate agents and government authorities. In addition, it provides an orderly and efficient registration system for the subdivision of land in areas with a high degree of real estate development.


He lot and block method It is a fundamental approach in real estate transactions, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas and suburbs. By providing a systematic way to describe and locate properties, this method plays a crucial role in the real estate market, ensuring that transactions are completed accurately and efficiently.

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