How to buy a house without problems


Thursday, February 29 • 7 pm,
Live Webinar 

"Not even know where to start..."

En este webinar de 1 hora, aprenderás:

  • Down Payments and Closing Costs: How much you really need to have saved so you can plan properly.

  • Programs for first-time home buyers: Learn about the most popular mortgage programs.

  • Getting started: Where to start, how to connect with the best team, and how to create an action plan.
  • Home Buying Process: Learn the entire home buying process to take the stress out of your next steps.

  • The current market: Learn the tools necessary to stand out in the current market.

What our students say

“I didn't know where to start with the home buying process, and Stacie's class was a great start! We obtained very useful information that gave me the confidence to start researching loans and looking at houses/condos. “I’m about to close on a condo next month!”


“Stacie's class was the perfect step for my husband and me. It was very informative and easy to follow/understand. Stacie always leaves room for questions and fun.”


“It introduced me to a lot of things I didn't know existed or needed to consider when buying a home. Stacie presents information in an easy to understand way and genuinely wants to help people.”


“The class was incredibly helpful and insightful. There were so many ideas, options and things to consider when purchasing a home that we were unaware of as first-time buyers. This course really prepared us and gave us knowledge for when we met with our real estate agent for the first time (also recommended by Stacie). We were able to ask many questions that would not have occurred to us if we had not started our journey with the course.”

Sophie and Oliver

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