Exploring Bias in Society: Explicit, Implicit and Systemic in Real Estate

Uncovering the roots and effects of bias in its various forms.

Revealed Bias: Exploring the Three Types

The Explicit: Conscious Attitudes

In this section, we will unpack explicit bias and how it manifests in conscious attitudes and actions toward specific groups. We will discover how these prejudices shape discriminatory and violent behaviors, leaving a visible mark on society.

The Implicit: Unconscious Influences

Diving into the hidden, we will explore implicit bias, the one that operates without us realizing it. We will analyze how our past experiences and subconscious perceptions can influence our decisions and interpersonal relationships, often without us realizing it.

The Systemic: Rooted in Institutions

By delving into the very structures of our institutions, we will discover the power of systemic bias. We will look at how this type of bias can perpetuate discrimination over time, creating a cycle of inequality that may go unnoticed but has a profound impact.

Everyday Impact: How Bias Affects Us

Invisible Infiltration: The Effect of Implicit Bias

Unmasking the power of implicit bias in our everyday lives, we'll explore how it can influence our decisions without us realizing it. We will examine concrete examples of how this type of bias can affect our personal interactions and daily decisions, reminding us that self-assessment is key to overcoming it.

Havoc on Employment: The Power of Employment Bias

From recruiting to promotion decisions, we'll examine how workplace bias can influence our financial prospects. Through real-life examples, we will reveal how bias can have devastating effects on employment opportunities and fair treatment, and explore how we can create a more equitable environment.

Housing Under the Lens: Breaking Down Real Estate Bias

Delving into the history and current practices of bias in the housing market, we will examine how this bias has shaped access to housing. From housing valuations to resource distribution, we'll explore common practices and how we can challenge them for a more equitable future.

Building a Future Without Bias

The Personal Struggle

We will conclude by considering how each of us can make a difference in the fight against bias. We will explore the importance of examining our own actions and biases, and how change begins with self-awareness. We will remember that while eliminating bias is a collective effort, everyone can play a role in building a more just and equitable world.

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