Northridge, an energetic neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. With a variety of housing options, from single family homes to modern apartments, Northridge offers a diverse and constantly moving community.

Step into Northridge and discover its unique charm. Enjoy a vibrant shopping life, with local shopping centers and boutiques to meet your needs. Plus, the famous Northridge Fashion Center awaits you for an exceptional shopping experience.

Proximity to major highways easily connects you to all of Los Angeles. Quality schools and recreational facilities make Northridge a perfect location for families and professionals.

The friendly atmosphere and local events reflect Northridge's rich mix of cultures. If you're looking for a neighborhood that combines urban amenities with the serenity of suburban living, Northridge is the ideal choice. Discover the excitement of living in Northridge and find your perfect home with us. Welcome to Northridge, where opportunities flourish and life is enjoyed to the fullest!


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About Northridge
  • Altitude: 807 ft / 246 m
  • Population: 70,486
  • Zip Codes: 91324-91330
  • Points of interest: California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Northridge Recreation Center, Porter Ranch Town Center, Northridge Park, Deodar Cedar Trees, Northridge Farmers Market, Plummer House.

According to California Regional MLS data, between May 2023 and June 2023, the Northridge, CA real estate market has seen a steady increase in the availability of properties for sale. In June 2023, the average listing price reached $1,250,000 and the average time properties were on the market was 16 days. During this period, real estate prices varied: 1-bedroom property values increased by 2%, 2-bedroom property prices decreased by 4.5%, 3-bedroom property values rose by 3.2% , 4-bedroom property prices rose by 1.9%, and 5-bedroom property values rose by 2.7%.

The inventory of houses for sale in this real estate market has experienced the following changes: the supply of 1-bedroom houses decreased by 10%, the number of 2-bedroom houses decreased by 7.8%, 3-bedroom houses became 5.2% more available, the supply of 4-bedroom houses increased by 2.7%, and the number of 5-bedroom houses increased by 8.3%. As of June 2023, of all properties sold in Northridge, CA, over 38 sold above the asking price, over 20 sold below, and over 5 sold at the asking asking price.

Statistics aside, Northridge offers an exceptional living experience. This vibrant neighborhood brings you urban amenities along with the beauty of green spaces. Explore the Northridge Fashion Center and enjoy an active community with local events and recreational options. If you're looking for a place that combines the best of both worlds, Northridge is your perfect choice. Come and discover the excitement of living in Northridge, where opportunities flourish and life is fully enjoyed.

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