The Importance of Package Loans in Real Estate Transactions

Ms. Marcos' case provides us with an interesting example of a real estate transaction that requires a specific approach. Ms. Marcos hired a real estate broker to find an apartment complex with more than 100 units for sale. When he found one he liked, he made an offer of $2.5 million, which included all the personal property in the deal. In this scenario, Ms. Marcos needs a package loan.

What is a “Package Loan” or Package Loan?

A package loan is a type of real estate loan designed to finance the purchase of both real estate and personal property. This type of loan is especially relevant when a transaction includes not only the property, like the apartment complex in the case of Ms. Marcos, but also all personal property that is located in that property.

The Case of Mrs. Marcos

In this case, Ms. Marcos is not only purchasing the apartment complex itself, but she also wants to acquire all of the personal property located within it. This could include furniture, appliances, fixtures and other assets that are not considered an integral part of the building or structure itself. To finance this comprehensive purchase, a “package loan” is needed.

Benefits of a “Package Loan”

Package loans offer significant advantages in situations like Ms. Marcos's. By combining real estate and personal property financing into one loan, buyers can simplify the process and obtain more efficient financing. This allows them to purchase everything they need in a single transaction, which can be especially valuable in complex business transactions such as purchasing a furnished apartment complex.


Ms. Marcos' case highlights the importance of understanding the different types of real estate loans and how they apply to specific situations. In your search for an apartment complex with furniture included, a package loan is the appropriate financial tool that allows you to acquire both the property and all personal property with one convenient financing solution. Being informed about these options is essential to making smart decisions in the complex world of real estate investments.

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