Statute of Frauds: Legal Safeguard for Important Agreements

Let's analyze the case of Jacinto, an individual who is considering renting a condominium in the beautiful area of Encino, California, for more than 1 year. Jacinto and the owner of the condominium are entering into a lease agreement that has a duration exceeding one year. In this situation, the “Statute of Frauds” law becomes highly relevant.

The Statute of Frauds: Defense of Significant Agreements

The Statute of Frauds is a law that has been enacted to ensure that certain types of contracts are validly and legally performed. Generally, the law requires that agreements involving certain key transactions are documented in writing to be considered executable.

Key Areas Covered by the Statute of Frauds:

  1. Real Estate Contracts: One of the best-known aspects of the Statute of Frauds is its application to real estate sales contracts. In Jacinto's case, when considering a lease for more than a year, this agreement related to land and housing falls under this law.
  2. Contracts for Valuable Goods: The Statute of Frauds also applies to agreements involving property with a value greater than $500. This means that contracts for the acquisition of expensive goods must be documented in writing to be legally binding.
  3. Extended Duration Contracts: A lesser known but equally important aspect of the law is its application to agreements that last a year or more. In Jacinto's case, his lease of more than one year falls under this category.

Importance of Written Documentation

The purpose of the Statute of Frauds is to ensure the integrity of certain agreements and protect the parties involved. In Jacinto's case, this means that his lease must be documented in writing to be considered valid. This not only provides clarity to both parties, but also establishes a solid legal basis for the agreement.


In his search for a condo in Encino, Jacinto finds himself in a scenario in which the Statute of Frauds law plays an important role. When considering a lease that exceeds one year, Jacinto and the landlord should ensure that the agreement is documented in writing to comply with legal requirements. This not only protects your rights and expectations, but also ensures that the contract is carried out fairly and in accordance with the law. The Statute of Frauds is ultimately a valuable legal tool that provides protection and clarity in a variety of significant transactions.

Legal and Tax Disclaimer

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