Investing in Section 8 Properties in Landlord-Friendly States: Strategy to Earn $12,000 per Month


Real estate investing has proven to be a lucrative business, and one segment that has caught the attention of savvy investors is the Section 8 rental market. This article will delve into how to capitalize on Section 8 properties in landlord-friendly states, with a focus on generating $12,000 a month over the next two years and increasing your net worth from $50,000 to $2 million over the same period.

Section 8 Investment Potential

Section 8 housing, a government-sponsored rental assistance program, offers a reliable income stream for homeowners and investors. By strategically acquiring single-family homes that meet specific criteria, you can tap the potential of this market for substantial cash flows and growth.

Define your Investment Strategy

To achieve your goal of earning $12,000 per month and increasing your net worth, it is critical to establish a clear investment strategy. Start by targeting properties that meet the Section 8 program and fit your criteria:

  1. Ownership Criteria
    • Focus on single-family homes for easier management and higher demand.
    • Opt for properties built between 1960 and 1980, ensuring a balance between modern features and manageable maintenance.
    • Look for homes priced between $60,000 and $80,000 to maximize returns.
    • Choose properties with 3 or more bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms, meeting the needs of Section 8 tenants.
    • Aim for rental rates of $1,200 or more per month to qualify for the program.
    • Prioritize properties no larger than 1,500 square feet for efficient management.
  2. Evaluating Demand
    • Research the number of outstanding Section 8 vouchers in the area to assess the demand for rental properties.
    • Use websites such as to analyze rental trends and make sure your investment is in line with local market rates.

Execution of your Investment Plan

  1. Finding the Right Properties
    • Use platforms such as, and to identify suitable properties in desired locations.
    • Cross-reference information from the HUD website and to ensure that properties are in safe and desirable neighborhoods.
  2. Establishing Relationships with Housing Authorities
    • Establishes contact with local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to understand their processes and requirements.
    • Use HUD's contact information to connect with PHAs and get information about potential opportunities.
  3. Financing Strategies
    • Consider using the Debt Service Coverage Loan (DSCR) for greater financial stability. If the future rent divided by all property expenses is 1.25 or more, you only need a 15% down payment and no other income to show to access the DSCR loan.
    • An example, a property listed for $95,000: $12,000 down payment, $980 Mortgage + expenses, $1,750 rent: $1,750 rent / $980 expenses = 1.78 (which is greater than 1.25) So you are qualified for the DSCR.
    • This government website helps you to know the risk of your bank.
    • Explore virtual property closings to streamline the acquisition process, especially in today's digital age.

Expand your Portfolio

To reach your goal of 20 units in two years, implement a scalable approach:

  1. Consistent Acquisition
    • Maintain your ownership criteria to ensure a steady flow of suitable investments.
    • Use your existing properties and rental income to obtain financing for later purchases.
  2. Property Management
    • Develops efficient property management processes to manage a growing portfolio.
    • Consider outsourcing tasks such as maintenance and tenant relations to maintain a manageable workload.
    • Manage the relationship with the tenant by taking extreme precautions. To do so, it is important that you always use a document to be protected with your tenants, it is the estoppel certificate.You should probably add a line indicating the portion of the rent paid by the government/welfare office.Welfare tenants are generally on the lower end of IQ, are not particularly bright, and are likely to only understand the portion of the rent they actually pay. You may need to guide them as they complete the form.


Investing in Section 8 properties in owner-friendly states presents a promising opportunity to generate substantial monthly income and increase your net worth. By strategically selecting properties, establishing strong relationships with housing authorities and employing smart financing strategies, you can achieve your goal of earning $12,000 per month while building a diversified real estate portfolio. With the right approach and the right determination, the path to increasing your net worth from $50,000 to $2 million in two years becomes an attainable reality.

Legal and Tax Disclaimer

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