The Importance of Disclosures in Real Estate: The Federal Lead Mandate

In the field of real estate in the United States, disclosures (or “disclosures” in English) play a crucial role. These ensure that buyers are well informed about any aspect of the property that may affect their purchasing decision. While some of these disclosure requirements are mandated at the federal level, others are regulated by state laws.

The Federal Requirement: Lead Paint Disclosure

Of the disclosures mentioned, only Lead Paint Disclosure is a federal requirement. Under federal law, sellers of properties built before 1978 are required to provide buyers with the “Protect Your Family From Lead in the Home” (Protect your family from lead in the home). This brochure is intended to educate buyers about the risks associated with lead exposure.

In addition to providing this pamphlet, the party selling the property must disclose any knowledge of lead contamination at the property. These requirements allow buyers to perform their own lead testing on the property within a certain period if they wish.

Regulated Disclosures at the State Level

Unlike lead paint disclosure, the following are not federally mandated:

  • Wetlands Disclosure (Wetland Disclosure): Reports whether a property is located in a wetland area, which could affect its use and development.
  • Asbestos Disclosure (Asbestos Disclosure): Refers to the presence of asbestos in a property, a material that was previously used in construction but was found to be harmful to health.
  • Floodplains Disclosure (Floodplain Disclosure): Indicates whether a property is located in a floodplain, which could require additional insurance and affect development.

These disclosures, while essential to an informed buyer, are regulated by state laws individual. Depending on the state, sellers may be required to disclose these and other potentially relevant factors.


It is essential that both buyers and sellers are aware of their rights and obligations when it comes to disclosures. While the federal lead paint mandate is universal in the United States, it is essential to consult state laws to ensure a transparent and ethical real estate transaction.

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